Contract Consultants

Construction contracts usually comprise either an amended standard form, a client standard form or a one off bespoke contract specifically drafted for a particular project. MCMS has extensive experience of the wide variety of contracts used throughout the construction and engineering sectors. MCMS can assist with:

Contract Drafting and Auditing

  • Drafting, interpretation and selection of appropriate standard or non-standard forms of contract or sub-contract; terms of professional engagement; warranties; bonds; guarantees; contracts for suppliers.
  • Reporting upon commercial risks within tender documentation; negotiation of revised conditions of contract or sub-contract.

Contractual Advice throughout Construction

  • Advice on the interpretation of contract documentation where it is either silent or ambiguous on a particular issue.
  • Investigation of live projects and provision of an independent report on performance, cost and time overruns and consequential risks.
  • Strategic advice for the resolution of issues between two contracting parties.

Project Monitoring

Providing funding for construction projects will expose a funder to various risks. Funders require assurances that the works are progressing as they originally envisaged in respect of time, quality and money. MCMS offers a project monitoring service which can be tailored to suit the needs of our clients. Our involvement can commence with the development of the brief, progressing to commenting on financial, technical and legal documentation and then monitoring the works on site and providing regular reports on the key aspects of the project.

Project Auditing

Where a project has not gone as intended, it is often invaluable to learn how to avoid the same pitfalls in future. MCMS can carry out post-contract auditing to evaluate areas in which difficulties have been encountered so that these are not repeated.